Graphic Design

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci

Graphic Design for web and print

I pay a special attention to uniqueness in my works (hand drawn illustration and computational solutions as well) while keeping it all individualized and without forgetting the contemporary perspectives and the modern visual needs. The diversity of my customers (from the fields of economy, sciences, culture and media) serve as a guarantee for creativity, quality and reliability.

Since 2014. one of my most determining jobs is theatrical video projection. I have made animations and video illustrations for several theater plays and also since the same year I had been the creator of different projected visualisatons of a good few theater productions of the MÜPA (Palace of Arts would be the English translation) … but my latest project that I’m really proud of at the moment was just recently on 2, November because I was one of the visual artists on the first TED X Women conference held in Budapest.


Faber-Castell, Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, EMI Music, IPR-Insights, Yamuna - Natur Cosmetic, Caffe Wendum